14 Best Foods For Healthy Hair

Many people wish healthy and shiny hair especially as they become old. Hair restoration clinics can better help you in this regard. Age, hormones, or genetics are major factors that influence your hair. You can’t change these factors but diet is the thing you have control over.

Promote hair growth:

  1. Spinach

Spinach is laden with valuable nutrients like iron, folate and vitamins A and C. Vitamin A helps the skin glands produce sebum, which helps to moisturize the scalp and keep hair healthy. Iron helps red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body to fuel your metabolism.

  1. Avocados

Avocados are an excellent source of vitamin E, nutrients and healthy fats. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that promotes hair growth. Moreover, Avocados are great source of fatty acids that are essential for growth of hair.  After hair transplantation, Avocados are the best supplement to keep your hair strong and healthy.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are prodigious source of biotin and protein. Both these nutrients promote hair growth. Eggs are also a source of selenium, zinc and other nutrients that keep hair healthy. Hair follicles are mostly made of protein. For hair growth, eating adequate protein is vital. Biotin is important for the production of a hair protein “keratin”. That’s why consuming more biotin help in hair growth.

  1. Nuts

Nuts proves an excellent addition to your diet. They are full of vitamins E and B, Zinc and fatty acids. All these nutrients promote hair growth. Nuts are great idea to add in your diet after hair transplantation.

  1. Tangerines

Vitamin C in tangerines makes it easier for your body to absorb iron. Vitamin B12 in tangerines reduces hair loss, quickens hair growth and slows down the greying process. If your problem persists in spite of your healthy intake, immediately contact any good hair restoration clinic.

  1. Salmon

Salmon and cold-water fish are the natural sources of omega-3. This nutrient keeps you disease-free and enables your hair to grow.

  1. Guava

Guavas are the beat source of vitamin C, which prevents hair from breaking. Although we consider oranges, the best source of vitamin C, but eating guava four to five times a day will provide you sufficient vitamin C and helps in hair growth.

  1. Oatmeal

Oats are abundant in the nutrients that stimulate hair growth such as omega-3, fiber, iron, zinc and fatty acids. These nutrients make hair thick and strong.

  1. Lentils

Lentils are loaded with iron, biotin, zinc, protein and folic acid. Folic acid restores the health of red blood cells that supply hair improving oxygen to skin and scalp.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are laden with vitamin A that aids in sebum production. Vitamin A speeds up thicker hair growth and is very beneficial to take after a hair transplantation.

  1. Meat

Meat is a great source of protein, which helps in strengthening hair follicles. Red meat is particularly rich in iron and protein, which are necessary for strong and healthy hair.

  1. Seeds

Seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients that promote hair growth. These nutrients include zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. You can fulfil nearly 50% of your daily vitamin E needs with just an ounce of sunflower seeds. Some seeds like chia seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids. It’s advisable to consume a mixture of seeds in order to obtain the widest variety of nutrients.

  1. Sweet Peppers

Vitamin C add to hair growth and sweet peppers are a great source of it. Vitamin C promotes collagen production that helps in strengthening your hair strands. It is also a strong antioxidant. Sweet peppers are also a prodigious source of vitamin A. This vitamin speeds up hair growth and keeps hair healthy.

  1. Beans

Beans are a great source of zinc and protein, which are vital for hair growth. Black beans offer 7% of your daily zinc requirements. Beans also gives a variety of other hair loving nutrients like biotin, iron and folate. Beans are very economical and are easy to add to the diet.

Just design a healthy diet plan and if you have any problems, never mind.  Hair restoration clinics rockville can suggest you the best ways for your hair growth.

Tips to Beat Spring Allergies

In some parts of the US, spring allergies may start as early as the month of February until summer. Majority of people with allergies experience year-round symptoms. If you want to get relief from these allergies, here are some of the best strategies to beat it:

Limit Spending Time Outdoors to avoid allergies

Every spring, trees may release billions of pollen grains to the air. Once you breathe them into your lungs and nose, they could trigger allergic reactions. Staying inside may help, particularly during windy days and early morning when the pollen counts are at its peak. If you head outdoors, wear sunglasses or glasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes. Filter masks may also help if mow the lawn. Other kinds are available so you have to ask your allergist to recommend one that would work great for you.

Start taking medication long before you are sneezing non-stop and your eyes get watery at least a week before the season starts. This way, the medicine is already in your system when the time you require it.

Take Some Allergy Medicines

It could help kids and adults with a runny nose and sniffles. Antihistamines block the response of the body to allergies, typically work in less than one hour. However, read the package carefully. Several older drugs including clemastne, chlorpheniramine, and diphenhydramine could make you drowsy. For more serious allergies, experts suggest a nasal spray. Yet, never expect that symptoms will vanish right away. They could take some days to work. Since they might have some side effects such as nosebleeds, dryness or burning, use the lowest dosage that helps you control the symptoms. Your allergy doctor might recommend allergy shots if some medicines cannot relieve your symptoms. They contain a small amount of pollen and would help your body build up the resistance to it. You will also likely have to get a shot every month for three to five years.

Consider Natural Relief

Several herbal remedies might help stave off your allergy symptoms. Although more research is required, a butterbur extract shows promise. A Chinese herbal formula called biminne with ingredients such as Chinese skullcap and gingko biloba might also help. A study found that those who took biminne 5 times daily for twelve weeks felt the perks a year later. However, it is also wise to know that there are some people who might experience allergic reaction from butterbur. So, always consult your allergy doctor Manassas VA first before considering it.

Can hair transplant scars be removed?

A scar on the back side of your head is the usual accompaniment of a hair restoration procedure. Some people find it acceptable as they already have re-gained natural looking hair on their bald head.  But there are some others who consider this as unbearable and therefore always show a disgusted look.  Now let us take a look at the procedures and steps followed by experts to avoid or clear this unwelcome situation.

All you need to know about hair transplantation

Scar appears in the cases where donor hair is removed by making a linear incision on the scalp where there is sufficient hair.  This incision can be long and may extend from ear to ear.  For people with short hair style this can be problematic as it makes the scar visible. Further as no hair grows in this area the situation worsens.

By allowing hair to grow a few more inches more in the adjacent areas,  this problem can be handled and the scar can be concealed. Since there are some people who are not happy with long hair styles, doctors have developed alternative methods.

One thing to be noted is that no hair transplant and repair methods can guarantee 100 % removal of the scars.  Removing the scar can still create scars in another area as the process includes incision. However the new one will be less visible as it will be of lesser width. For people with scars less than a width of four inches after hair restoration are likely to have better results. But if the candidate is not careful and show some kind of laxity, the scar may get widened.

Hair transplantation surgery

Another technique used for removing the scar is the use of tricophytic closure technique.  This technique allows hair to grow over the area where the scar is seen.  Transplanting hair to the scarred region is another viable option. For preventing additional scarring the hair for transplant purpose to cover the scars is obtained by follicular unit extraction method. For this purpose a special instrument which creates circular incisions in the area and removes hair in follicular units is used.  Multiple sessions are usually required to completely cover the area. This is a permanent solution as well as a cost effective solution.

The best thing one can do for avoiding scars after hair transplant chevy chase is to get the hair transplantation completed following follicular extraction method. Though it may be little more costly, this method prevents scarring. The tiny scars produced in this method will not be visible for naked eyes.

How to lose weight in college?

Ah, it is college reopening time. All students including myself are rushing back to college not only to meet friends and enjoy life, but also to  get educated and to get a good job and live happier. This is the time when girls seek for rapid weight loss diets.

Weight loss tips for college girls

College is often a place where one gets many friends, gets first hand experiences  on many things and knows for the first time many wonderful feelings and emotions in the life. But, unfortunately, it is the place from where many youngsters tend to increase their weight and become obese persons in spite of clinging to rapid weight loss diets.

So, in this article, I am going to give you some tips to lose weight fast which I think will help you to keep your body weight stationary and in some cases will also help you to reduce the excess weight within a short period and return to normalcy. But I want to tell you in advance that the tips I am going to give you in this article res contrary to the so called health tips suggested by medical practitioners or obesity experts.

You might be surprised as you have heard several times your mom insisting you to have breakfast from the day you came out of her womb. But I am of the opinion that mom’s statement is not supported by any scientific evidence. Most students think that following rapid weight loss diets is essential for the proper working of the brain and other physical organs.

College life is full of headaches and hectic activities. Worrying about breakfast can only increase the stress on the student.  My advice is not to waste time for breakfast and create additional problems. In many colleges the breakfast sucks anyways. In my opinion a student can skip his lunch also thus enabling him to spend much time in the activity he or she is involved without breaking it in the middle for eating purpose. If these two important meals of a day are skipped one can enjoy a massive dinner at night. Take care to watch the calories at the end of the day.

Rapid weight loss diets

Skipping breakfast and lunch included in the tips to lose weight fast is not a difficult problem for the students. The real problem lies in convincing oneself that it is not a problem at all to skip breakfast and lunch if they add you benefits.  You have spent about 18-20 years eating breakfast and lunch properly and where have you reached now.

It has taken two years in my case to understand that breakfast and lunch are bullshits and turn to tips to lose weight programs.    If you   are not convinced check some similar sites in which the experience stories of other people have been posted. There are some best seller books on fasting.      There are some other top selling books which clearly debunk the pretty myths of breakfast, meal frequency and lunch.

Important steps to improve your heart health

Many people these days have knowledge about the importance of the health of the heart for happy living. It is well known that every person has to give special care to keep their heart young and make its ticks energetic and lively. How to achieve this will be the million dollar question of the day. So in this article, I am going to explain the most basic and important aspects that a person has to keep in mind and practice to keep his heart young and filled with energy.

Manage stress

Ativities like over eating, smoking, drinking alcohol etc can lead to considerable stress. Adrenaline released from stress increases your heart rate as well as blood pressure.  The stress can also have impact on the immune system of your body and damage artery walls of your blood circulating system. Taking exercises for a minimum time of 30 minutes or walking the distance from your office to your house etc can do many benefits to your overall health and improve the condition of your heart.

Food and mood

Everyday start your life by eating a balanced breakfast that contains fiber, whole grains, lean proteins, good fats etc.  Whole grain bread, oatmeal, millet, barley, etc are good choices for breakfast. Medical research has shown that eating good breakfast daily will improve the mood as well as memory.  It will also give peace of mind and more energy throughout the day. If you have any extra weight it can be trimmed by cutting down the excess calories you eat.  Simple activities like reducing the daily share of ice cream to one or two per week and doing a general walking of 15 minutes a day will give you promising results. Start activities needed to make your heart younger so that you can live for a long time without major health problems or mental stresses.

Lean protein: Protein no doubt is an essential part of our daily diet. Meats that are high in fat content are not advisable for healthy heart. Lean meat is the ideal food for healthy heart because of its low calorie content. Lean chicken, grass fed beef, seafood, low sugar dairy products etc are very suitable for the health of your heart.

If you have any heart related problems, include the above mentioned foods in your daily diet. There is no meaning in meeting a registered dietician and spending much time in listening to his never ending advices. Often such people come out bare handed without understanding or not able to practice what you have listened to.

Can sleep apnea kill you?

The tragic news that the iconic actress Carrie Fisher who acted in Star Wars died at the age of 60 as she was a patient of sleep apnea without getting proper treatment form a sleep apnea doctor, has opened the eyes of multitudes. The question can sleep apnea kill a person acquired momentum after the above reported case of death.

Dangers of sleep disorders

Carrie Fisher died while she was in a flight suffering a severe heart attack. Report show that she was sleeping during most of the time in the flight and she was suffering respiratory problems during this time. It is not known whether she had knowledge about her disease sleep apnea.  Reports even suggest that even if she was aware of it she had neglected it and did not care to undergo any treatment for the disease at any sleep center. At the end of the flight fisher could not be awaken easily and when she woke up she vomited and slump over and became unresponsive.

The association in America for sleep apnea known as ASAA is not aware whether Fisher is diagnosed with this disease or whether she was taking any medications in this regard.  But this incidence opened the eyes of the authorities and they swiftly started creating awareness among the masses and persuade them to undergo treatment from a sleep apnea doctor if they suspect any sleep related problems.

Some people are arguing that there is no possibility of death to a person afflicted with sleep apnea. When body understands that it is not getting enough oxygen during sleep, it causes awakening in such persons. The airways open during this time and breathing starts resumes. This protects the patient from suffocation during sleep.

But this is not the critical point. There is a wide spread belief these days that people do not die from AIDS alone. This is true about people with diabetes also. Diabetes never forms the single cause for one’s death. But the inevitable complications that accompany diabetics or AIDS can lead to the death of the patient concerned. It is a long process that reduces the quality of life, creates disability and pain that eventually shortens the life span.

Sleeping disorders

Using different words and expressions will never be helpful in changing the real facts. Clinical research shows the possibility of mortality for those who have sleep apnea as it disrupts circadian rhythms and imbalances the chemistry of body and brain and causes interruption in the functioning of respiratory functions and cardiac functions. Blood pressure is elevated and the heart rate is also fastened. It is allowed to continue untreated at a sleep center maryland, there is no doubt that it will lead to mortality.

Is hysterectomy essential for you?

Till 1980s hysterectomy was the most common major surgical procedure performed on woman. Now it has gone to the second position as caesarean section has occupied the first position. This is an alarming statistics. The reasons for doing so many hysterectomies are also alarming. Hysterectomy is often performed to remove endometriosis in the uteruses and at times it is performed to stop menstrual cycles.

Before opting for this procedure, it is better to have a good understanding about what is involved in this procedure. Remember that, hysterectomy does not provide any guarantee for relief from the consequence of endometriosis.  After this surgery, in many cases, the entire endometriosis is not removed.

It will be beneficial to read and understand the reviews written by previous patients who have undergone this surgery. It will also be beneficial if you can take a second opinion from other experts in this subject before finally deciding to opt for hysterectomy. You can also join an endometriosis group and discuss other aspects related to this surgery like side effects, cost involved, risk factor etc.

Natural treatments for endometriosis

Selected herbal medicines have been found to be very helpful to maintain the required hormone levels in the body of the patient. There are also herbal medicines for strengthening the immune system to combat the disease. Like all other medications, herbal medicines also require sufficient time to bring out the affects of the medication. ProSmooth is a synergistic herbal product which has been found to be useful to reduce irritability, breast pain, mood swings, pelvic cramps, uterine fibroids etc. This formula help in eliminating the excess estrogen produced from environmental disruptors like xenosteriods. This medication has now become a recognized herbal treatment to treat endometriosis.

Progensa 20 is a bioidentical progesterone cream that is helpful in decreasing estrogen stimulus. Estrogen encourages proliferation of endometrial cell and allows accumulation of blood vessels in the fibroid.

Diet plan and nutrition are very important in reducing the formation of endometriosis. Reducing preservatives, caffeine, red meats, unrefined carbohydrates etc are considered very helpful in preventing or reducing the symptoms of endometriosis. Anti-inflammatory diets can reduce symptoms and promote hormone balance.

Healthy diet is the best non invasive means for improving the general health of a person. Before taking any final decision consultation with your medical practitioner is very important as he will be the best person to give a real picture of the entire problems and its solutions available in the present day.